TORO Plant Hanger | BLACK | £90.00

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HEATHER  - 157 of 173.jpg

TORO Plant Hanger | BLACK | £90.00


Made for displays of affection. 

Give your prize plants or objects the stage they deserve with this statement-making, wall-mounted plinth. Inside a geometric steel frame sits a triangular, solid ash or oak shelf. Designed for impact and simplicity, the Toro Plant Hanger fixes to the wall with just two screws, top and bottom. 


    •    Welded steel frame, powder coated in white, grey or black

    •    Solid timber shelves, in a choice of oak, ash or scorched

    •    Two matt black screw fixings included

Dimensions (Approx.)

Height: 520mm • Width: 320mm • Depth: 160mm


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